Mora and Edison

Inventor Thomas Edison posed for Jose Mora in 1879.  This letter from Mora to Edison (courtesy of the Edison Papers, Rutgers University) requests him to pose again because Mora is dissatisfied with the negative.

             May 6, 1879

                            Mr. Edison

                                    Dear Sir,

            We send you enclosed a proof of the sitting we made some time ago.  We do not consider this good or would have sent it long ago.  The day was dark and the negative is a little under done[?]  We would like to have a good negative of you as we have quite a number of calls for your photos and do not like to publish from the negative we now have.  We would like if you could come in some bright day when you are in the city and let us get some[?] good negatives of you.

                            Yours very truly,

                                    J. Mora





Below is what is believed to be Mora's redo of Edison.